Wyong Milk Factory

Wyong Milk Factory Sunday 15 February 2017

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Wyong Milk Factory Sunday 15 February 2017
What we did
Despite catastrophic fire warnings delivered to mobile phones & home lines all around NSW, us clubMINI members are made of sturdy stuff and ventured out to enjoy the sights of Wyong Milk Factory. Not much was going to stop me visiting the chocolate shop with my little insulated lunch bag, hoping to buy up some goodies. All fun aside, we were very fortunate and our home areas remained safe.
Unfortunately that can’t be said for other areas of New South Wales where people have lost their homes. I can’t understand the thinking of any firebug who deliberately start fires – and I can’t think of a punishment harsh enough.
It was a very hot day, and on the way down to the Milk Factory Brad had the air conditioner on in the car so fast I
thought my wig was going to blow off (figure of speech, I don’t really wear a wig).
We had a great run down, arriving way earlier than we expected. I think that was probably because a lot didn’t venture far from their homes on Sunday due to the fire warnings.
Few spots to explore at the Factory:


Nice spot for a future bbq


We had a wander around waiting for the Sydney group to arrive and I was lucky to catch some video of them arriving. Was great to see some new prospective members come along for a ‘try before you buy’ – we’re a good bunch so hope we haven’t scared them off!


Sydney group on their way


Nice to see a variety of colours in the car park


Studying the lunch menus


Interesting chandelier
A rather large fan was located by Brad (not sure what he wanted when he kept asking me to stand in front of it for a photo) and the group moved to where it was to get acquainted and have some lunch.


My chicken burger was very nice and I think everybody else enjoyed theirs as well. Ky decided to have fries with his dessert pizza for lunch and yes, that’s a huge serving of death by chocolate ice cream sitting on top of the pizza. Very gooey, but delicious.


After lunch we wandered through the various shops at the location. Luka chocolate shop was a popular spot, also the cheese shop (needs a bigger space!), candle shop, and then a wander down to the water where some locals were hanging out. There’s also a gym on site so after indulging in all the chocolate
and cheese you can have a work out and leave guilt free.


One of the friendly locals hanging out by the water


Must have known Ky was coming!


Biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen
Some interesting facts about Wyong Milk Factory:
Was created in 1907 by a Co-op of 56 local farmers, the Buttery Factory (as it was then known) originally comprised of a boiler room, engine room, butter- working room, cool room, testing room, storeroom and office existing for the sole purpose of processing butter, not milk.
It was a hub of industrial activity employing many local people, gradually evolving over time into a fully functioning Milk bottling Factory, drawing a wide variety of other farm produce to its markets from the surrounding valleys.
Despite being burned to the ground in less than two hours by a fire in 1921 so huge that the exploding butter could be seen and heard 10 km away, the ruins of the original Butter Factory gave birth to a newer, more extensive and well equipped Milk Factory built by the 200+ dairy farmers who had by this time become shareholders in the Co-op.


clubMINI Yowie hasn’t made an appearance for a while, but here he is!
As it was terribly hot we all then decided to get back into air conditioned cars and head off. Brad could feel his thongs melting on the hot tarmac. Aside from all that, it was still a great day out for all.
Next outing – Mark your Calendars
Sunday 12 March – Fish N Chip Run – invitation to come closer to the date


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Written by Jenny Brockelsby for clubMINI